Monday, 11 November 2013

Facebook Fridge

It's the year 2013 and technology has been advancing at an incredible rate over the past decade or so, with massive advancements in smart phones and social networking being one of the fastest to grow.
Alas! These smart phones are not the only devices capable of social networking: Samsung has come out with a fridge that holds WiFi capabilities. This means that it can email you when the time for re-stocking the fridge draws near, with what foods you need to buy. It has WiFi access and an Operating System, and these combined allow you to even program your fridge so that it automatically orders your groceries for you from an online delivery service on a weekly basis.

 The "App Fridge" also allows you to write memos and store photos, rather than have your kitchen look messy and covered with tacky fridge magnets from holidays and gift shops, that hold up scribbled notes and torn photographs. This way of organising your fridge means that the everyday homeowner can have a more convenient lifestyle particularly for those juggling work, a home and children!

The affect that this 'Wi-Fi' Fridge would have on businesses is not a very substantial one, unless the business specializes in catering such as bakeries, restaurants and other small establishments. Most larger establishments have industrial sized refrigerators and this tiny-in-comparison fridge would not be appropriate. However, this innovative design with it's convenient applications could be imported into industrial sized appliances for easy stock managing, which would therefore improve the company's efficiency.  

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