Thursday, 30 January 2014


The automatic is a small device that plugs into a vehicles diagnostics system through its OBD-II Data Link connector. Its also have 4.0 bluetooth built in, which then transmits data wirelessly to the companion smart phone app - it identifies driving habits such as sharp breaking, speeding and excessive acceleration. This could lead to excessive fuel consumption and poor maintenance of the car itself.
As well as this, the device also enables to to find your parked car, alerts emergency services in the event of a break in and can provide a diagnostic analysis should any warning lights turn on on the dashboard.
The Automatic was released in early 2013 but has recently been given an update which allows users to turn their automatic Link hardware devices into iBeacons. These then allow users to transmit to/ receive information from other sensors or devices in the vicinity.
This new technology would be very helpful for society as it can determine the fuel consumption of the user's vehicle and thus enable them to make changes with their driving and allow for less fuel to be consumed. This therefore means that they would not have to pay as much for petrol/ diesel and saves them money; this feature would also provide service to the environment as it would be making cars/ other transport more energy efficient.

In terms of business this could help transport orientated companies such as those that make deliveries and rely on the transportation of goods to areas far away/ even nearby. Most courier services would benefit from this and would save them money on vehicle repairs and costs spent on fuel. this would also allow data to be colelcted and give feedback to members of staff that are perhaps not driving as efficiently as possible andthus costing the company money. 


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