Monday, 24 February 2014


(November 2013)

LaCie ha recently released the industry's first ever 5TB external hard drives. The standalone cube allows 25 terabytes of storage thanks to Seagate's new hard drives; the LaCie 5big Thnderbolt series can be paired with up to five individual 5-terabyte drives for a maximum of 25TB. It is also available in a 10TB config, but naturally the price increases with storage.

The new drives are extensions to the Lacie 5big Thunderbolt, 2big Thunderbolt and d2 Thunderbolt ranges.
As well as individual drives with(out) external casings, Lacie is using the technology in its five hard disk RAID arrays, offering up to 25TB, for all your major storage needs.

However, probably not particularly suitable for the average household owner for a number of reasons (the incredible amount of storage it can hold far surpasses that of any typical home. Not to mention the grand price of a figure just under £2k). However if it were to be for your average use, each (£279) 5B of the nifty storage device can store up to 82,000 photos.

The 5big would be more suited to large businesses and corporations looking for suitable back up hardware for frequent and large back-ups.

The target audience for the product has been assumed to be those in the video editing and photo markets.

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